11Dec, 2023

Electronic Consent Form – Making the Jump from Paper Informed Consent Form

Making the Jump from Paper Informed Consent Forms to an Electronic Consent Form An Overview of the Current Informed Consent Form and Electronic Consent Form Process in Healthcare The concept of informed consent has a relatively short history. If you take USA for example, the case for true patient autonomy only began at the turn of [...]

22Nov, 2023

The Role of eConsent in Alleviating Healthcare Staffing Challenges | 5thPort

The role of eConsent in alleviating healthcare staffing challenges While the pursuit of groundbreaking medical discoveries and innovative treatments continues to thrive, there's an underlying issue that often goes unnoticed - the burden on healthcare staff. Although staffing challenges are rampant in every single industry vertical, healthcare staffing challenges has been hit the hardest. Some reports [...]

26Jul, 2023

Enhanced Risk Management in Decentralized Clinical Trials

Enhanced Risk Management in Decentralized Clinical Trials I’ve been a surgeon for more than 30 years, specializing in maxillofacial surgery and dentistry. A big part of my philosophy is to expect the unexpected. Which is why I cannot stress the importance of risk mitigation enough. The safety of my patients and the safety of my team [...]

4Feb, 2021

The 8 Common ICF Mistakes Found On IRB audits

The 8 Common Informed Consent Form Mistakes on IRB Audits The IRB and its approval process for biomedical research protects the rights and welfare of human participants. In this capacity, the IRB serves an important role in keeping the clinical research community in compliance with laws and regulations, as well as participants educated, informed, and aware of [...]

17Nov, 2020

Long Live Decentralized Trials

Long Live Decentralized Trials Massive disruption from COVID-19 is forcing clinical trials to decentralize and accelerate digital transformation. However, these measures are not just survival tactics. They're leading to a more productive and resilient industry. COVID-19 stopped thousands of trials in 2020 CenterWatch reported in May 2020 that more than 1,100 clinical trials (46% of the [...]

23Sep, 2020

8 Common Misconceptions About Clinical Trials

8 Common Misconceptions About Clinical Trials Clinical trials are vital to medical advances because they test new and existing health-related interventions, helping us understand whether they are safe and effective in humans when used as intended. It’s one of the most rewarding fields specifically for that reason: it helps find cures and longer the lifespan of [...]

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