5thPort’s clinical solution enhances patient engagement and eConsent in clinical trials, contributing to improved clinical trial success.

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The increased reliance on decentralized clinical trials creates a greater need for true clinical solution that deals with true digital patient engagement and eConsent. When clinical trial participants better understand trial protocols and associated risks and benefits, they are able to have a meaningful consent conversation where their questions and concerns are addressed. This digital clinical trial engagement favorably impacts participant conversion, protocol adherence, and retention rates.

5thPort’s electronic informed consent software clinical solution is digital, simplifying clinical trials consent related audit and regulatory compliance. It also helps drive DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) in decentralized clinical trials.

With hybrid, virtual, digital clinical trials and decentralized clinical trials quickly gaining steam, eConsent for clinical trials is fast becoming a critical capability. With functionality specifically designed to manage decentralized clinical trials or site-based (US​ and/or international) trials, 5thPort’s clinical solution for digital patient engagement and eConsent is hands down, the best platform in the market.

5thPort supports: Contract Research Organizations, Research Institutions, Sponsors, Research Sites and Site Networks.


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Maximize clinical trial management with 5thPort’s clinical solution.

  • Manage all your studies – decentralized clinical trials, digital clinical trials or otherwise – clinical trials centrally from one Clinical Trial Management Console.

  • Invite sites and/or providers to participate in one or more trials.

  • Push engagement content including consent forms to participating sites/providers, simplifying re-consenting and ensuring audit compliance with 5thPort’s patient engagement and eConsent clinical solution
  • Review and analyze enrollment results across all participating sites and providers.

With 5thPort's eConsent software, manage your clinical trials centrally from one Clinical Trials Management Console, to as many studies as required.

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Patient drop out increases the cost of clinical trials.

5thPort patient engagement and eConsent software - Patient drop out rates increase the cost of clinical trials. 85% of studies fail to retain enough patients. The average patient dropout rate across trials is 30%. These statistics come from a study by Dan Stempel in 2018 titled 'How eConsent is Changing Clinical Trials'.
The 5thPort effect ensures that you as a patient were informed, that you understood the information, had the opportunity to ask questions and that your questions/concerns were addressed.
5thPort's eConsent software reduces the amount of paperwork, ensuring everything is logged digitally.

Increase efficiency with eConsent for clinical trials.

  • Engage patients remotely through our digital clinical solution by leveraging multi-media components, freeing up clinical research associate time.
  • Facilitate better access to educational material, enabling users to choose to receive communication about their engagement plan via SMS and/or email.
  • Reconsenting is a simple and completely automated process in decentralized clinical trials.
  • With SSO authentication, sponsors and sites can automatically log into the provider environment without having to repeatedly enter their credentials each time.

Reduce compliance risk in your next clinical trial.

  • 5thPort is externally validated and in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, ICH-GCP (electronic records and signatures) and HIPAA (security and encryption).

  • With the click of a button, our One Touch Compliance ™ report gives providers the detailed information and confidence they need to approach their auditing processes.

  • The clinical solution platform ensures that patients always interact with the latest version of engagement content including consent forms.
  • Eliminate expensive informed consent related audit findings with 5thPort’s eConsent for clinical trials.
5thPort eConsent software - Overwhelmed woman looking through litigations regarding non-compliance. 5thPort's eConsent software is compliant with FDA CFR 21 Part 11 to mitigate that.
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Enhance your brand with 5thPort’s patient engagement and eConsent clinical solution

  • 5thPort’s clinical solution look and feel can be branded to enhance your relationship with your sites and patients.
  • Our eConsent for clinical trial platform can be white labeled to allow for deeper branding including a custom URL.
  • Manage all your trials – whether decentralized clinical trials or otherwise – from one central platform, presenting your sites and patients with a consistent and engaging experience.
  • Pricing options include per trial or enterprise level.

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