Patient Education Software

Improve quality of care with easy-to-use multimedia and teach back-based patient education software.

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Patient education software to empower patients, and your staff.

Doctors and nurses spend a lot of time and energy educating patients and answering the same questions over and over on a daily basis. Even so, patients don’t understand or have not consumed the information in a way that they are able to comprehend.

At 5thPort, we believe in creating a world of empowered patients. Which is why we designed a simple yet comprehensive patient education software where patients can better understand and follow treatment plans – thereby bettering health outcomes. And where healthcare providers and administrators improve operational efficiencies.

5thPort - from home, on any device

Save 15-20 minutes per consult.
Without the incremental effort.

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A large mid-Atlantic health system piloted the 5thPort patient education software in their radiation oncology department, specifically to improve patient education, engagement and the teach back method in healthcare.

Utilizing 5thPort’s patient education software achieved the following results:

  1. Saved providers 15 to 20 minutes per consult
  2. Improved patient satisfaction, and engagement
  3. Reduced patient stress on the day of their appointment
  4. Empowered patients to actively participate in their healthcare conversation with their provider
  5. Had a positive impact on caregiver burnout

5thPort’s patient education software delivers more than just better health outcomes.

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Our patient education software and workflow enables healthcare providers to have a more streamlined and automated administrative process. Perfect for private practices, specialty departments (such as radiation oncology), hospitals, health systems and clinical research efforts.

Achieving better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction has never been easier through 5thPort’s patient education software.

5thPort One Touch Compliance - Clinical Trial Compliance

In an era of increasing compliance requirements, 5thPort helps reduce the risk of regulatory penalties.

The convenient One Touch Compliance (OTC) Report digitally documents every action taken by patients and staff in 5thPort during the patient education and eConsenting process – including time and date stamps, as well as, the staff who completed said action.

What does this mean for you?
a. Digital documentation at your fingertips
b. No stress compliance with internal or external consent audit requests
c. Solid risk mitigation

Real-time analytical prowess through a patient education software you can trust. 

Allow our analytics to guide your assessment of patient education effectiveness and identify opportunities to improve your patient’s education comprehension.  

You can analyze response trends across engagement channels (email and SMS), understand the effectiveness of your videos, questionnaires, surveys, and teach back. Armed with this data, you have the opportunity to adjust your workflows to gauge and improve patient satisfaction.   

Analytics Dashboard - 5thPort