Save 20-30 Minutes Per Consult with 5thPort

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5thPort is designed to:

  • Deliver curated multimedia-based information that can be consumed by patients and their caregivers in the comfort of their own homes and on their own devices
  • Leverage the teach-back method to digitally ensure that key information is comprehended
  • Ensure patients come to the consultation armed with information about their diagnosis, treatment options and what to expect
  • Allow patients to digitally complete other paperwork such as the Medical History Form, Nutrition Screens, the Genitourinary Survey and Informed Consent Forms to make the in-office visit smoother and faster
  • Drive patient satisfaction scores

5thPort supports: Hospitals, Hospital Systems, Ambulatory Care Centers, Group Practices and Physicians’ offices.‚Äč

Are your patients really engaged?

30% adults report that their provider isn't always easy to understand, and 70% adults report that they do not always check they've understood their instructions.
5thPort patient engagement and eConsent software - A doctor explains the treatment process and health outcomes to a disengaged patient. 5thPort's eConsent software ensures that the engagement process is one that is not only understood, but also, increases patient satisfaction.
5thPort eConsent software - Patient discussing treatment options with their doctor, using 5thPort's eConsent software on an iPad. Digitally delivering patient centric experiences will increase health outcomes.

Digital patient engagement delivers better clinical outcomes.

  • Digitally deliver patient-centric experiences, allowing patients and caregivers to engage stress-free in the comfort of their own homes and at their leisure.

  • To facilitate better access to education material, patients can choose to receive communication via both SMS and email with digital patient engagement.

  • Patients can choose to sign digital consent form or paper-based consent forms and education acknowledgements on paper, when in the clinician’s office.

Reduce clinician burnout, improve clinician experience with healthcare software

  • Create digital patient engagement aimed at involving patients and their caregivers in their healthcare decisions.
  • Digitally deliver base level, curated multi-media content.

  • Standardized information ensures consistent and complete communication of protocol-related information.

  • Free up clinician time to communicate higher level and patient condition specific information during the consult.

5thPort patient engagement and eConsent software - An exhausted doctor looks out of the window in a hospital. With 5thPort's digital eConsent software, this kind of clinician burnout can be greatly reduced.
With 5thPort's eConsent software, reduce costs and increase reimbursements.

Reduce costs, increase reimbursements with digital consent form software

  • Free up clinician time by digitally engaging patients prior to their appointments.

  • Eliminate paper-based instructions – deliver digital consent form and digital patient engagement that can be accessed when needed.
  • Reduce readmissions through improved protocol adherence and digital consent form.
  • Better clinical outcomes means increased reimbursements.

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