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The 5thPort eConsent platform enables you to digitally engage with patients, either remotely and/or in-office, to ensure that they fully understand the treatment protocol, risks , benefits and alternative treatments. By delivering consistent, curated information in the patient’s preferred language and allowing it to be consumed conveniently, our electronic informed consent software helps improve outcomes for patients and providers.

Our eConsent software is cloud-based, meaning there is no hardware or or software to purchase, install or manage. Data is stored securely in a HIPAA compliant data center and is encrypted at rest and in transit. ​


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A truly powerful tool, our One Touch Compliance™ report provides organizations with a simple way to comply with audit requests. This comprehensive report lets healthcare providers and/or clinical researchers see actions taken on patient encounters by their staff and patients in real time. Each action is logged as a separate date and time-stamped event, with details on the specific action taken as well as the location of the action. For your convenience, you have the option to download and/or print the One Touch Compliance™ report.

One Touch Compliance

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With 5thPort's eConsent software, view and review content your way. Load your own videos and documents or leverage the entire Healthwise library through 5thPort. Customize your patients' experience by creating your own comprehension tests and teach-back, quizzes and surveys. Load your organization's acknowledgements and informed consents through an intuituve user interface. Customize and brand your email communication for maximum patient engagement.
5thPort's eConsent software documentation including the entire engagement process and informed eConsents, can be accessed on any device and is completely customizable. This image shows emails, documents being created and accessed in a secure manner - yet one that's entirely in your hands.
The 5thPort eConsent software platform ensures you can create reusable engagement plan templates by diagnosis or treatment, to simplify enrollment. Further, these can be customized.
With 5thPort's eConsent software, combine any available content in anyu order with 5thPort to create engagement plans in any language. Create resuable engagement plan templates by diagnosis or treatment protocol to simplikfy and error-proof patient enrollment. Create custom engagement plans for patient specific situations. Automatically send patient reminder emails to increase engagement.
With 5thPort, patients can engage and consent remotely or in-office on any computing device. Patients can flag sections of the consent for enhanced follow up to ensure complete understanding. Caregivers and legally authorized representatives can be engaged when and as required. Patients can download signed acknowledgements, consents and other engagement artifacts securely.
Image shows a patient holding a phone and interacting with 5thPort's eConsent software as is being used by a company called PharmaCurae. They're using it from the comfort of their home, and you can also see what the platform's engagement process looks like on a tablet, too.
5thPort's eConsent software provider dashboard delivers a quick snapshot of the patient engagement process and tracks every change and patient encounter.
Monitor engagement processes with 5thPort's eConsent software. The provider dashboard delivers a quick snapshot of the patient engagement process. Engagements that have not started or are in progress can be edited. Engagements that are digitally documented for complete audit compliance are also available. Engagement documents can be accessed easily, downloaded or printed by providers or sent to patients securely.


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With decentralized clinical trials gaining steam, electronic consent is fast becoming a critical capability. With functionality specifically designed to manage decentralized or site-based (US​ and/or international) trials, 5thPort’s electronic informed consent software has you covered. 

Manage multiple clinical trials from one clinical trial management console. Invite sites and/or providers to participate in one or more trials. Push engagement content including consent forms to participating sites/providers, simplifying re-consenting and ensuring audit compliance. Review and analyze enrollment results across all participating sites and providers.
With 5thPort's eConsent software, manage your clinical trials centrally from one Clinical Trials Management Console, to as many studies as required.


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Logo depicting that 5thPort's eConsent software is HIPAA compliant.
Logo depicting that 5thPort's eConsent software is FDA CFR Part 11 compliant.
Logo depicting that 5thPort's eConsent software is Eudralex Annex 11 compliant.
Logo depicting that 5thPort's eConsent software is GCP compliant.