Suresh Kumar

Senior Vice President, Sales

Suresh Kumar is the Senior Vice President of Sales at 5thPort and is on a never-ending quest for knowledge.

Holding a post-graduate degree in engineering, combined with remarkable talent for understanding business challenges, Suresh over the years has been able to use his business acumen to close the void between what technical teams build, and “the need” of functional users of software products. He has successfully led teams and business units in delivering state-of-the-art solutions with an emphasis on true customer satisfaction and

Currently Suresh works at 5thPort, where he advocates for improved clinical trial outcomes. 5thPort is a digital patient engagement and eConsent platform, built to help Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) improve their patient engagement, as well as data accuracy during clinical trials. Prior to that, he was Head of WCG Velos AsiaPac, and Sr. Project Executive at WCG Velos, where he gained deep insights into the healthcare domain.

Suresh, with his expertise in the healthcare sector and extensive experience in various verticals, has helped identify problems and provide innovative solutions for optimizing patient engagement.