Empower Radiation Oncologists

Redefine Cancer Care: Empower Radiation Oncologists, Bring Efficiencies to Administrative Tasks with Electronic Consent

Radiation oncologists balance high-stress environments while delivering advanced treatment to cancer patients. Time with patients is invaluable, yet administrative barriers often encroach, stealing invaluable time pivotal for value-added conversations.

5thPort’s multimedia and teachback based patient engagement and electronic consent solution for radiation oncologists is designed to merge compassion and much-needed patient education with practicality.

Your patients can engage with essential electronic consent documents, watch videos, complete quizzes from the comfort of their homes OR in a hybrid in-office/home setting, at their own pace – with reminders sent via email or SMS. This is especially important at assisting caregivers, Legally Authorized Representatives (LARs) and guardians of minors.

Radiation oncologists: revolutionize your patient interactions with true remote engagement and electronic consent. Get in touch.

What does this mean for you and your staff?

  • Completed electronic consent and documentation before appointments begin
  • More time to have more meaningful conversations with your patients
  • Elevated quality of care through 1:1 patient-provider relationship
  • Improved outcomes

What does this mean for your patients?

  • Regained control over their cancer narrative
  • A sense of preparedness and less stress before coming into the appointment
  • Improved treatment/medication follow-up and adherence
  • Improved outcomes

Radiation Oncologists Harness 5thPort’s Multimedia and Teachback Capabilities to Better Patient Outcomes

A recent study showed that patients who received an ICF via a video, standard text and a quiz scored 23% higher in a test than those who received the ICF via paper alone.

For radiation oncologists, where the quality of patient understanding can impact treatment adherence and outcomes, this insight is invaluable and can be brought to your practice in a matter of 2-4 weeks.

5thPort assists in enhancing patient comprehension and retention by employing a blend of multimedia, interactive content and teachback. Besides videos and quizzes, patients can raise questions, engage with pre- and post-onboarding surveys and internalize information through evidence-based health literacy intervention.

Radiation Oncology - Redefine cancer care with electronic consent